A new International Waldorfschool

We have decided to integrate our Waldorf curriculum with the IPC curriculum. This way we make sure that children can easily make the switch to educational programs provided by international schools in other parts of the world. It was nice to learn how well our Waldorf approach suits the Liberal Arts approach of the international curriculum.

A truly international curriculum

Our school integrates Waldorf and IPC curriculums, enabling children to move within the international school system throughout the rest of the world. In the process of integrating these two curriculums, it was nice to find out how well suited our approach is to the Liberal Arts program of international study.

Start small, stay small-scale

In our first year we will accept children ages four through eight for two groups; kindergarten and a combined first and second class. While we plan to grow steadily over the following years, we will always be a small-scale primary school. Individual class size will range from ten to seventeen children and the entire school will grow to a maximum of 120 students total. Due to our small group we will be able to provide sufficient time, space and attention for everyone.

A new beginning ask for pioneers

As the first International Waldorf School, we are a new phenomenon. Being the first in a new territory means we’re looking for pioneers and adventurers to join as founding mothers and fathers. The only way to build this new school is to do it as a community. Are you ready to join?