Arrival & Collecting

Arrival at School

Parents are responsible for bringing their children to the classroom upon arrival at school.

The school opens at 8. Please be advised that the building is shared with secondary school students who begin their day at that time, so we advise you to arrive at 8:20 in order to start the day with ease. From 8:15 onward the teachers will be in the classrooms, ready to receive the children.

In kindergarten, parents can provide support to their children by staying in the class during the first few minutes of the day. Sometimes the teacher will ask parents to stay even a bit longer to participate.

In classes 1 & 2 parents say goodbye to their children outside the classroom, allowing students to enter by themselves. At this time we ask that you please limit your contact with teachers to a minimum so that they can focus on the children.

Students must be in class before 8:30 for the lessons to start on time. Late arrival is disruptive, especially during the first fifteen minutes of the morning, so please make sure you are on time. In case of unforeseeable circumstances you may enter the building after 8:45 in a relaxed manner. Stress in the morning isn’t healthy for young children (and it doesn’t help adults either!).

Collecting Children from School

Teachers will personally bring your child to you (or an authorized adult who has already been introduced to the teacher) at the end of the school day. Children should be collected from the school playground within five minutes of closing time. Please wait outside for your children.

A parent or guardian must collect any child who has to leave school for an appointment during school hours. Please inform your teacher at least one day in advance of appointments off school grounds.