Building & Playground

School building and grounds

The school will be located in the direct proximity of the Scheveningen boulevard (and beach), just behind the AFAS Circus theatre. There is sufficient parking about 50 meters from the building which makes bringing and collecting your child very convenient (although we would encourage you not to use the car!).

Our building is located in an old Catholic school and we share it with students from the Waldorf Secondary School. This summer, we will refurbish the building and the playground in order to make it suitable for our needs and wishes.

Unfortunately, there are no green areas in the immediate surroundings of the school. There is a large park about 1.5 kilometres away, but that is too far to visit on a daily basis. The beach in the direct proximity is very nice but also busy, particularly with tourists, especially from May till September.

The Dutch Waldorf School (De Vrije School Den Haag) is located at about 2 kilometres from the building. From time to time, we will go there for celebrations and theatrical performances.

Our intention is to be in this building for a few years until we will be able to move to another location, with more growth potential and more green spaces.