Parent participation

Education and upbringing are closely connected. A good contact between parents (guardians, carers) is, therefore, very important. Even stronger, from research by Harvard professor Robert D. Putnam it appears that, if you want to improve school performances, nothing is more effective than involving the parents in the education.

Cooperation between parents and school

This does not only concern the communication about an own child. It is essential that parents are open to our pedagogical approach. Showing a warm interest in the child and what the child does in class is of the utmost importance. This can be expressed at any time: for instance at home, when the child wants to recount something about school or show something, in bringing to school and collecting, or in the social life around the children.

In addition, parents are often invited to support activities at school. In this way, children see how their parents are part of the school community which they also belong to.

Parents evenings

Parents evenings are indispensable. Parents receive information about what is happening in class, about teaching periods, about the development phases of the children, about the deeper meaning of what is being told or whatever may be the need in the parents’ group. This need is gauged by the class parents and communicated to the class teacher.

Specialist teachers tell the parents what they are doing in their lessons. The basis is what parents and teachers have in common: a pedagogical relation to the child

In the lower classes and kindergarten, parents have a large share in the working evenings to prepare for the annual festivities. It is self-evident that not all parents have the same amount of time available: everyone contributes as much as possible.

In addition, there is an evening about school-readiness for kindergarten parents.

A group of parents may also request a teacher to organise a parents evening about a subject of their choice.

Class Parents

From the parents’ group of every class, some parents make themselves available as class parent. They play an important role. They take care of a large part of the communication between the parents of a class and the teacher(s) and between parents themselves.  In addition, the class parents assist in the preparation and carrying out of activities and stimulate other parents to participate actively in the various activities. Once a year, all class parents meet with the school leader to discuss any relevant matters in their respective classes.

Activities and annual festivities

Many activities can only take place thanks to the active assistance of parents. For trips, annual festivities and plays, parents are regularly asked to assist. Parents also assist with craft lessons and lesson tutor reading. Our annual BAZAR on the first Saturday in November is completely organised by parents!

Use of expertise of parents

We like to make use of the professional expertise and experience of parents. There are parents in the Participation Council who often represent an area of their professional expertise. Also in the area of communication, facility management and IT, parents make their expertise available to the school.

Are you willing to offer your expertise to the school? Please let us know.